Beach Week North 2016

It’s Beach Week. That means entirely different things to us when we’re kids and after we become parents. My wife was talking with someone who grew uo Florida who didn’t know what Beach Week was all about in the non-Floridian parts of the coast – they said it’s because Every Week in Florida is Beach Week.

Many of us East Coast parents did Beach Week after High School, which is why we have serious second thoughts about letting our own kids – especially our daughters – go. We’re getting ready to send a lot of them them off to college, though, and if we can’t trust them at the beach, can we let them out of our sight to go to some institute of higher learning where a party is as easy to find as a text book?

The plan? She goes to Ocean City with some kids who stand a chance of keeping each other in check, and whose parents we know – and Mom, younger sister and I go a bit north to Bethany Beach and stay in a beautiful house a block back from the shore that some dear friends were gracious enough to offer. Not keeping tabs, but close enough by that we can be in OC in under an hour. A fair compromise? I think so. Mom had a lot of office work to do, and I had 1) a lot of film that needed to be shot and 2) my beautiful younger daughter and model who was looking for a week at the beach because it wasn’t fair for sister to have all the fun.

Some Polypan @ ASA 100 during the day, and some old grainy Ultrafine 400 Plus (so old it wasn’t the Extreme branded stuff) for when it got on in the evening, a trusty Nikon F2, a yellow filter, and we’re off. A little sunning and a lot of photographing.

More of our images are here for your enjoyment. I didn’t do much of a job tagging these, but the file name tells you whether the photo was made on Polypan or Ultrafine 400 Plus.

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